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The goal of the ART AND SCHOOL programme is to promote and enhance the presence of art in schools.

ART AND SCHOOL is promoted by ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, el Centre de Recursos Pedagògics d’Osona, l’Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic, l’Escola d’Arts Plàstiques de Torelló, La Farinera Centre d’Arts Visuals de Vic, Fundació Privada Osona Formació i Desenvolupament and  Universitat de Vic, and each edition is developed jointly with participating nursery, primary and secondary schools .

The initiative establishes a network of partnerships among different organisations working in the field of art and education, in conjunction with schools.

It is based on the premise that education is a part of cultural production, and that the arts, considered as a multiplicity of contemporary forms, may provide several useful tools for revitalising educational  activities.

The team members forming part of the working group are linked to participating organisations, and are tasked with defining the programme's guidelines, as well as with advising participating schools on content and methodology. At the beginning of every school year, an open call is issued to find participants.

The ART AND SCHOOL programme aims to encourage collaborative processes, to learn what is happening in schools in relation to the arts, to share these happenings, to blend together approaches and methodologies among those involved, and to bring into schools those elements which form part of current cultural debates.The arts, therefore, become an instrument for joining knowledge together, rather than craft-lessons.

The main objective is to establish a network of partnerships between different organisations in the field of arts and education, a network which will support teachers to develop transversal projects, which will exhibit and disseminate works based upon a common theme, and which will share resources, methods and evaluation mechanisms, through the relationship between contemporary art and pedagogy. Another objective, no less important, is to lend visibility to schools' projects and works and, ultimately, to promote and give value to the presence of art both in school and in society.

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